Day 9 and Day 10 – Fun with turtle graphics!

The girls did a lot of fun stuff using turtle graphics. They made a house, with doors, windows and also a road with a stop sign and a sun in sky! Some of them even made a person on road. Here are the pictures made by Annie, Nithya, Emily.

Annie_turtleGraphics_houseimageEmily turtle graphics house

Mehek and Kimberly also finished making the clock with a second hand, minute hand and hour hand. This involved the use of loops and and time library. Here is the one made by Mehak:


IMG_20150716_103513 IMG_20150716_103519

I also introduced the girls to random number generator, and we made a game of rolling the dice using random number generator. The game has two turtles moving forward, as much as the number on the rolled dice, and the turtle which crosses the finish line first wins the game. Here is the one made by Kimberly and Mehak:



Elena completed programming the game of joining the dots. The game uses turtle graphics to draw the dots, and lets the player select a pair of dots, to join each time. The player who gets a line which completes a square, gets the square, and the player having more number of squares, wins the game! The is a very challenging project, involving use of lists, loops and graphics. Elena did a excellent job!

IMG_20150717_114443Dots 2

Day 9 and Day 10 – Fun with turtle graphics!

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